The PIMA Mission

The core of PIMA’s mission is: Establishing a positive media movement and creating a positive community perception, through compelling storytelling, thus: “Changing HOPE’s Perspective” for purpose driven organization engagement: “One Community & One Story at a Time!”

Our Story

PIMA, at its core, operates using a select staff and team of mentors that are trusted and respected industry professionals from various content & media production, brand development & marketing communications, and channel distribution entities.

PIMA is “Continually Striving-On-Purpose” to create positive perception within the community through compelling storytelling.

When an organization partners with PIMA, they open up a world of endless opportunities. The idea of helping the organization tell its story in a positive way, is central to each community engagement. It can be a story that speaks to the organization’s broader mission and purpose or it can be program specific. No matter what the approach or intended messaging, we’re continually “Striving On Purpose” to provide your organization with the necessary media solution.