CorePIMA & Media Partnership Support (General Donations)

Implementing An Informed Giving Fund Development Strategy

POSITIVE IMPACT Media Alliance (PIMA) is uniquely poised | positioned to partner with the community and its many stakeholders e.g.: Public Service | Educational, Nonprofits | Community-Based Organizations, Private | Small Businesses, and Individuals. Through an integrated media partner, strategic network collaborative approach, PIMA changes the dynamic of nonprofit funding and support as it relates to creating media & content, and distributing positive community stories. This will be done by providing subsidized low-cost | no-cost media content production, brand development & marketing communications, and channel distribution services to everyone in need.

PIMA is mindful of the importance and utilization of maintaining an Informed Giving Fund Development Strategy – with the knowledge of the premium and top priority Informed Donors place on: “Long-Term Benefits & Impact!”

There are many ways that you can help support POSITIVE IMPACT Media Alliance (PIMA)! Your donation to PIMA allows us to provide a wide range of Media Services & Support to the entire nonprofit community. Your company can become an: Integrated Corporate Partner Sponsor to a nonprofit organization in need of PIMA Media Partnership, you can come out to and support one of our Media Partner fundraising events, your organization can include PIMA as an integrated program partner when responding to grant solicitations: Federal, State, Local, Corporate, etc.; or simply your Individual donations of: Time, Talent, or Resources!

Any support that you can give goes a long way towards PIMA accomplishing its mission of becoming the nonprofit community’s Media Partner par-excellence, “Changing Communities, One Story at a Time!”

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Become a POSITIVE IMPACT Media Alliance (PIMA) – Partner | Sponsor | Donor

POSITIVE IMPACT Media Alliance (PIMA) accepts various types of support. You have the option to choose how often (frequency) you provide support for PIMA Nonprofit Community Partnerships, Programs, and Initiatives. All you need to do is choose one of the amounts shown below or any amount that you desire.





AMOUNT of Contribution

·   Corporate Media Partner

·   Daily Contributor

·   $5.00

·   Community Media Partner

·   Weekly Contributor

·   $10.00

·   Event Media Partner

·   Monthly Contributor

·   $25.00

·   Program Partner

·   Bi-Monthly Contributor

·   $50.00

·   Educational Partner

·   Quarterly Contributor

·   $100.00

·   PIMACore Organizational & Administrative Partner

·   Annual Contributor

·   $250.00

·   Internship Program Partner

·   One-Time Contributor

·   $500.00

·   Children | Youth |Teen –

Next Generation Media Partner

·   In-Kind

·   $1,000.00

·   Patron Partner Sponsor

·   Other

·   $2,000.00

·   Individual Partner


·   $2,500.00



·   $5,000.00



·   10,000.00


You can give as little as: $0.01 – $99.999.00 anything in between.


The way you give is completely up to you and can be customized to go to a specific nonprofit media partnership or to fit your spirit of giving!

PIMA supports the entire nonprofit community with media partnerships, services, and resources…and you have the opportunity to choose your favorite nonprofit organization that is in need of our help.

Just tell PIMA what type of Partnership you wish to support, how often, and the amount that you’d like to give and we will take care of the rest!
We will also acknowledge every supporter with a letter of thanks and on our Community Contributions & Support page!

Level 1 Donations:
  • $5.00
  • $10.00
  • $25.00
  • $50.00
  • $100.00
Level 2 Donations:
  • $250.00
  • $500.00
  • $1,000.00
  • $2,000.00
  • $2,500.00
Level 3 Donations:
  • $5,000.00
  • $10,000.00
  • You can give as little as: $0.01 – $99,999.00 or any amount in between!
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