Our Approach

Through an integrated media partner and a strategic network collaborative approach, PIMA will change the dynamic of nonprofit funding as it relates to creating content & media and distributing positive community stories. The overarching goal is to aid those community organizations by providing subsidized low-cost | no-cost direct assistance with content & media production, brand development & marketing communications, and channel distribution of content, media, brand, and marketing collateral.

PIMA believes that this can be done through compelling, authentic, and positive storytelling of each organizations' brand, mission, and vision by establishing not only a supportive media movement but also a favorable community perception.

Mindful of the importance of maintaining an informed giving fund development strategy, which sees donors attach a premium on long-term benefits and impact of programs in the community, PIMA places emphasis on this strategy to create organizational sustainability.

Our Story

PIMA, at its core, operates using a select staff and team of mentors that are trusted and respected industry professionals from various content & media production, brand development & marketing communications, and channel distribution entities.

PIMA is "Continually Striving-On-Purpose" to create positive perception within the community through compelling storytelling.

When an organization partners with PIMA, they open up a world of endless opportunities. The idea of helping the organization tell its story in a positive way, is central to each community engagement. It can be a story that speaks to the organization's broader mission and purpose or it can be program specific. No matter what the approach or intended messaging, we're continually "Striving On Purpose" to provide your organization with the necessary media solution.

Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the Team

The Executive Board & Staff

(Updated: June 2019)

  • Etienne L. Carter, Chairman of the Board, President & Executive Director
  • Frank J. DiMauro, Treasurer & Co-Executive Director
  • Rich Nichols., Board Secretary & Exec. VP of Administration
  • Cynthia McKnight, Board of Trustees & Director Brand Development & Marketing Communications
  • Nicole Amelio-Casper, Board of Trustees & Director of Content & Media Development

The Staff (Positions to be filled by: Hire, Transfer, or Internship)

  • PIMA Development Director* | 1 FTE Staff | 4 FTE Interns
  • PIMA Nonprofit Communications Director* | 1 FTE Staff | 1 FTE Intern
  • Content & Media Producer | 1 FTE Producer | 1 FTE Staff Intern
  • Brand & Marketing Manager | 1 FTE Brand Manager
  • Content Distribution Manager - all platforms | 1 FTE Staff

* Development Director & Communications Director position(s) will be combined until we build capacity for our services & programs.

PIMA School & University Educational Outreach Program

Year-Round Integrated Internship | Mentorship Opportunities Are Available - (Initially all internships are unpaid)




Frank J. DiMauro





SNJ Today - Chief Financial Officer, Millville, NJ

(2013 - 2019)

Towers Watson - Global Finance Manager, Philadelphia, PA

(2002 - 2014)

WarnerMedia - International Accounting Manager, New York, NY

(1997 -2000)

Cumberland County College - Adjunct Professor in Accounting, Vineland, NJ



University of Pennsylvania

Class of 2009

Liberal Arts

Villanova University

Class of 1995

School of Accountancy

Sacred Heart High School

Class of 1991

Vineland, NJ



The Dynamic Duo

The Visionary & The Facilitator



The Idea for a Nonprofit Organization that would dedicate its focus on Positive Storytelling about the Impact that Nonprofits are making within the community was a Vision that Frank conceived 3 years ago:

in October of 2016!

Two years later,

In March of 2018, Etienne  joined forces with Frank and after only three months of dedicated & focused Organizational Development | Operations & Administration:


Came to life!

Incorporated in the State of New Jersey on:

June 20, 2018


Nonprofit Storytellers

Your Nonprofit Media Partner Changing Communities,

One Story at a Time


Etienne L. Carter

President & Executive Director




Xspero™ Social Giving Network

Nonprofit Coordinator, Millville, NJ

(Consultant - November 2018 - May 2019)

Daniel's Den Community Center (DDCC)

Development & Finance Director, Vineland, NJ

(EVP Board of Trustees 2014 - Present)

Higher Places Ministries (HPM)

Media Director, Vineland, NJ

(2016 - 2018), and

HPM Director of Community & Organizational Development,

Vineland, NJ - (Volunteer 2012 - 2014)

Hand-N-Hand New Media Fellowship,

Chairman & Founder - (1999 - 2012)

Richmond, CA | West Sacramento, CA | Martinez, CA

ThroughTheVine Entertainment Group,

Founder | President & CEO - (1999 - 2010)

Richmond, CA | West Sacramento, CA | Martinez, CA | Los Angeles, CA

Glass House Communications,

Director of Marketing - (2004 - 2008)

Oakland, CA | West Sacramento, CA | Los Angeles, CA

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