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Implementing An Informed Giving Fund Development Strategy for Nonprofit Media Partnership

PIMA is uniquely poised/positioned to partner with the community and its many stakeholders e.g.: Nonprofit/Community Based Organizations, Public Service Agencies, Public Schools, Institutions of Higher Education (Colleges & Universities), Private/Small Businesses and Individuals.

Through an integrated media partner, strategic network collaborative approach, PIMA will change the dynamic of nonprofit funding as it relates to creating content & media, and distributing positive community stories. We have found that this can be done by providing subsidized low-cost | no-cost content & media production, brand development & marketing communications, and channel distribution services to everyone in need.

PIMA is mindful of the importance and utilization of maintaining an Informed Giving Fund Development Strategy (Note: “Informed Donors place a premium on long-term benefits & impact as a top priority”)… Download the RootCause Report: “Informed Giving – Information Donors Want And How Nonprofits Can Provide It” (Informed_Giving_Full_Report)

With the implementation of an informed giving fund development strategy, we will accomplish our media partnership goals, while creating organizational sustainability! This strategy includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Event Media & Marketing;
  • Integrated Corporate Partner Sponsorships;
  • Fundraising Events;
  • Grant Solicitation & Responses: Federal, State, Local, Corporate; etc.; and
  • Individual Donations.
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Become a PIMA Nonprofit Partner | Corporate Partner (Content Media & Marketing Production Customized to fit your budget!)

For information on how to become a PIMA Nonprofit Partner or Corporate Partner and/or to request Media Partner consultation for various partnership opportunities, please send us an email: [email protected].

A PIMA Community Media Partner | Corporate Media Partner representative will contact you within 24 hours of your request to schedule a consultation to determine your media needs. We can then determine cost DISCOUNTS for content & media production, brand development & marketing communications, channel distribution services.

Does you organization or agency have a busy Event Schedule and need to develop a Media Calendar or need Corporate Media Partner Sponsorship? If so, Request a Custom Event Media Rate Sheet and PIMA has it covered!


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